Organization is a Must

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When you are working with the extremely limited space of a dorm room, it’s especially hard to stay organized!  Maybe you’re just not an organized person, or maybe your roommate is the one with the problem.  Either way, the solution is simple.  Surround your room with organization tricks that will force you to stay organized (for the most part).

I have a really hard time keeping all of my dishes clean. They would always be cluttering up the top of my sink and grossing people out as soon as they walked into my room.  Once one of the mugs perched on top of my sink broke, I decided that something had to change.  I got one of the littlefabric bins I had brought with me and placed it underneath the sink.  Now when I have dirty dishes, my room still looks clean!  When the bin gets full, I’m forced to wash my dishes since I can’t add any more.



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Closets in dorm rooms don’t provide much space for the essentials.  However, there are some simple storage items you can buy in order to increase your organization and storage space.  A simple milk crate perched on its side can create an instant shelf for the bottom of your closet.




DSCN1696 (1024x683)DSCN1757 (1024x768)


Shoe racks , hanging shoe racks, and boot racks can prevent loose shoes from taking up the whole bottom of your closet.


DSCN1703 (684x1024)DSCN1702 (683x1024)

Do you have a hard time keeping track of your remotes? The easy solution is actually as simple as Velcro.  All you have to do is add a strip to the wall and a strip to your remote.  It can also act as a conversation starter since it isn’t common to see a remote sticking to the wall.







DSCN1741 (768x1024)

My room would have little creative options if it weren’t for Command Hooks.  I use them to hang paintings, towels, washcloths, coats, and decorations.








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I always climb into bed only to realize that I need something.  A bedside caddy organizer allows you to store necessities (tissues, lip balm, phone, etc.) right next to your bed for your convenience.






DSCN1747 (768x1024)

door hanging hook rack is extremely useful.  I use it to hang my book bag, scarves, and coats.










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I use JM New York Beauty Cases to organize my drawers.  This isn’t a common way to organize drawers, but I strongly suggest you try it out.  There are four storage compartments in every bag.  They can be removed from the bag altogether so that you can place them into drawers.  If you want to give your drawers a cleaner look, keep the bag closed up and only open it when you need something from it.



DSCN1737 (768x1024)

Dorm rooms don’t supply enough drawer space for much of anything. From what I’ve seen, Storage Organizer Drawers are used in mostly every room I’ve seen.  They are extremely convenient as well as cheap.


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