Light it Up!


DSCN1727 (768x1024)   DSCN1902 (768x1024) The atmosphere of your room is centered around the way lights are incorporated into the design.  Usually, dorm rooms come equipped with fluorescent overhead lights that make everything look like the inside of a hospital.  In order to avoid awkward lighting, you have to take matters into your own hands.

From my experience, a pole lamp is essential for every dorm room.  It provides a simple way to create yellowish, mood lighting for all situations. I put a color light bulb at the top of my pole lamp to add a splash of color to the room.



DSCN1490 (1024x768)

DSCN1961 (1024x684)This LED Strip Light Lamp Kit with remote control is cheap and is sure to wow anyone who ventures into your room.  With its variety of colors and settings, it can create all kinds of moods for your room.



DSCN1762 (1024x768) (2)

DSCN1787 (1024x768)


Puzzle Lights are completely unique and cast interesting shadows around a room. You can personalize the shape, size, and color of a Puzzle Light.  I have one of mine hung in front of the window to show it off at night.


DSCN0709 (1024x754)

Turning on a hidden black light is a unique way to get your peers into a party mood.  A black light doesn’t take up much space since it can easily fit under a bed or couch.






DSCN1977 (1024x768)

DSCN1975 (1024x681)


Green and red laser Projector Lights can entertain college students for hours after a long day.




DSCN1495 (1024x684)


Rope lights and Christmas lights can create a distinct outline of the room while setting a relaxing tone. Who doesn’t want it to be the holidays all year round?




DSCN2000 (684x1024)


Water Dancing Speakers are one of the main features in my room people can’t help but ask about.  When you plug them into a computer and turn on music, they light up with lasers and bounce water to the beat of the song.  It’s bizarre but extremely fun to watch!






DSCN0707 (1024x768)

Disco Ball Lights are classic and never go out of style.







DSCN1609 (684x1024)


Having a ton of lights to turn on when you walk into your room can be frustrating and time consuming.  I strongly suggest that you purchase aWireless Remote Wall Outlet.  It can can turn on multiple lights with the touch of a button!


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