Layout Ideas

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No matter what your college dorm room looks like, there are probably dozens of ways to rearrange it.  Don’t stick with the boring, typical college layout everybody else has.  There are even some theories that talk about how college dorm room layouts can affect your social life and your entire experience at college!  So why not give it a chance?  If you try something crazy and it ends up looking horrendous, you can always change it!  All you have to do to get started is imagine what the room would look like arranged in different ways.  If you come up with any brilliant ideas, draw them out so you can remember them.  I find it’s best to have a tape-measure handy.  If you move your room around without measuring furniture, you’ll be really frustrated if something doesn’t fit where you thought it would.  With the right tools and determination, you can create a wild design that fits your needs as well as your personality.

DSCN1651 (1024x768)


Stadium seating  is a great way to have an inviting room people can’t help but talk about.  The couch in the back is perched on a homemade wooden box.  The specifications for this room are located here.





DSCN1905 (1024x683)

DSCF2277 (1024x768)


If you can lift your bed high enough to stand under, it makes a great archway for you to walk under upon entering your room.  The specifications for this room are located here.



DSCN0699 (768x1024)

If you put a bed down low and put a couch perpendicular to it, you can create more seating for your guests.

Click here to see more examples of room setups.  If you have trouble coming up with ideas for your room layout, there are room planning websites that will do it for you!


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