Technology Tips


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If you and your roommate are both into gaming, it might make sense to have two separate television screens.  It might seem unnecessary at first, but it gives you both the freedom to have constant access to a TV.  This will definitely reduce tension among roommates who would have otherwise fought over it every day.




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If your room has a drop down ceiling, you can wire speakers through the ceiling and mount the speakers on the opposite wall from the television.  This creates surround sound for the perfect cinematic experience.  The Samsung 1000 watt Home Theatre System is featured in this picture.




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An interesting feature in my room is a pair of Water Dancing Speakers.  They don’t create enough base to satisfy as a sole source of sound.  However, if you plug in these speakers as well as another pair of speakers with base, there is great sound as well as entertainment.





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You can use an HDMI cord to hook your computer up to a TV.  This is great for watching movies saved on your computer or on Netflix.  Also, if you want to use a TV as a monitor for your computer, you can use an HDMI cord and use a wireless keyboard.





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If you have your speakers set up to accommodate your television instead of your computer or vice versa, it can be a hassle to switch the speakers over to the other device.  A 1/8 inch jack audio line allows you to switch the speakers back and forth between devices easily.





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Since the limited amount and poor placement of plugs is often a problem in dorm rooms, surge protectors can be extremely useful.  It can be convenient to plug similar products into one surge protector.  I have all of my lights plugged into one so that as soon as I flip its switch, all of my lights come on.




DSCN2418 (1024x768)

Sometimes, plugs are not in the place you want them to be.  Extension cords eliminate this problem and allow you to have full freedom when determining where to place things in your room.  In my school, we are not allowed to have two prong extension cords.  If you are not sure if they are allowed at your school, you might want to take some three prong extension cords as well.


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