Bathroom Necessities

IMG_5170 (768x1024) A shower caddy can be extremely helpful when multiple people are sharing one bathroom.  Only a limited amount of products can fit on the slippery little shelves provided by small showers.  Unless you enjoy your products constantly falling onto the floor, I suggest you buy a shower caddy.






IMG_4527 (768x1024)A unique and convenient way to store cleaning products is with an over the toilet storage stand.  It doesn’t take up any space in the bathroom, and it provides a variety of storage area.  When we built our stand, it was not sturdy enough to hold heavy products.  We used string to tie the base around the back of the toilet to make it more sturdy.






IMG_4490 (682x1024)A shower curtain with matching rugs will make your bathroom look nice.  Your shower probably comes with a shower curtain, but you can also buy a decorative one to put on the outside of it to make to bathroom look personalized.







IMG_4532 (768x1024)Storage drawers provides separate storage areas for each individual sharing the bathroom.  It also keeps belongings private and out of sight to those passing through the bathroom.







IMG_4550 (1024x682)

If you and your roommates want to separate bathroom cleaning duties, you can hang a calendar dry erase board.  Write names next to duties on the particular days of the week they should be completed.  Then, that person can check off the chore when it’s done.





IMG_4557 (768x1024)A shower floor mat can be a lifesaver when it comes to showering.  The bottom of the shower can become a slippery when its wet, and a shower floor mat helps you keep your grip (as well as your dignity).







IMG_4487 (768x1024)An air freshener is always a welcomed feature in a bathroom.









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