Home Suite Home

IMG_5178 (1024x768)There comes a time when every college student needs to get away from the stress of college life.  For some, going home on an occasional weekend is not a possibility.  The best way to find home amidst the craziness of college is to add little homey touches to your room design.

An actual couch provides a comfy, homey feel for your room.




IMG_4547 (1024x681)Rugs can provide a refreshing change from the unattractive floors offered by a dorm room.  They can also hide any carpet stains left by your room’s previous owners.





IMG_4494 (681x1024)Nothing screams home sweet home like the smell of coffee brewing in the morning or relaxing with a hot cup of tea before bed.  A coffee maker has the potential to sooth your most stressful college moments within minutes.  It can bring blissful memories of home to your everyday hectic college schedule.  Whether drinking coffee is a necessary for your morning routine or it just really helps you concentrate on schoolwork, a coffee maker is essential for a dorm room.  They are fairly inexpensive and keep you from buying overpriced drinks at your local café. For some great homemade tea recipes, visit this website.





IMG_4521 (1024x768)Blankets and pillows make a room seem soft and inviting.  Blankets are extremely convenient in the winter and pillows add comfort to the room for your guests.  A throw can be placed over a couch or chair to add a subtle splash of color and softness.  When you curl up on your couch with a blanket and a cup of tea, you can unwind and temporarily forget about the pile of homework you haven’t gotten to yet.




IMG_4536 (683x1024)Having soft, warm slippers to put on when you roll out of bed in the morning can be comforting.  A robe can also add comfort to your daily showering routine.







IMG_4503 (1024x684) (2)What can bring a homey feel to your room better than pictures of home?  Having a collection of picture frames to showcase loved ones on a daily basis will make you feel right at home.  If you don’t have any picture frames, you can use sticky tack to mount pictures directly onto your wall without the possibility of damaging the paint.  If you have a strip of wood lining the top of your wall like I do, you can hang pictures using thin metal wires and mini clothespins.

DSCN1902 (768x1024)DSCN1727 (768x1024)Warm lighting is necessary to replace the typical harsh fluorescent overhead lights.  Since fluorescent lighting will most likely serve as a daily reminder of your dreary living conditions, I suggest you look into alternate lighting opportunities. Pole lamps supply soft, warm lighting while brightening up your room.  Check out my blog entry titled, “Light it Up” for more details.


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